Diabetes Type 2. A battle fought and won…

Morning all from FM45.

Diabetes 2 is on the rise not just in the UK but most Westernised Countries. So what can we do about it?

I have family members who both control it with their diet and medication. My old man pretty much had a shortened life span, because of Diabetes Type 1. He lived the old way a heavy drinker & smoker!

In this day & age we are more informed with the World Wide Web at our fingertips, information and help at our disposal. Why not use it? Why do we continue to stick to the old ways of living?

Too much junk food McDonalds, Burger King to name the obvious. Takeaway Apps now in the good name of fuck!! They are making hundreds of millions of those with addictive personalities. Sorry going of course a little here but Diabetes Type 2 is an epidemic now, yep it’s caused by obesity!

Can Diabetes Type 1 be reversed – No.

Can Diabetes Type 2 be reversed – Yes!

In life there are so many battles, some we win some we lose, some battles are impossible to win sadly for many! Yet if we arm ourselves correctly we stand a better chance of ” winning “.

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/dec/05/radical-diet-can-reverse-type-2-diabetes-new-study-shows

Now here’s an extract of a personal message from a good man, and brother I’m lucky to know Raymond Timmons of Perth, Western Australia. An auld 15th Regiment Para, I got to know Ray through his nephew who I’m also lucky to call a bro..

Ray pictured above at his heaviest 16st 11lbs ( remember this picture age 69 )

I’ve had Black Dog depression my self not a nice place to be Bro, plus I was a way over weight and drinking a bottle of vodka a day, then ended up with Diabetes 2 was on medication for it. I had read that you can beat Diabetes 2, so I had a chat with my doctor about beating Diabetes 2. He told me because of my age I was 69 and drinking he did not think I would beat it. So like an old Para I stoped smoking and gave up the vodka, changed my eating habits went on long walks, then joined the local community centre training group. So now I do circuit training 3 days a week plus lost over 20 kilo and have beat Diabetes 2 not on medication now, and now 70 years old. I have joined the Airborne Forces Association of Perth Western Australia, and I carry the Airborne flag when we march in the Remberence Day Service in Perth City. While at the Airborne Forces Day March, I still have a few glasses of white wine and a few beers with my old Airborne warrior Brothers.

Ray after his lifestyle change cutting in at 12 stone ( unrecognisable at the age of 70 ).

Ray put this on my Facebook wall last night at 11:25 pm on the 6th February 19, as you can see looking ” lean and mean ” he’s a gentleman though. The big man messaged me first thing to say he’d emailed me the pictures I required. Shamelessly I have to say I liberated this one of his Facebook Page!


I will tell you why Rays bucket list wish is to do one last jump ( Para thing ).

So so proud of this Scotsman, and his sheer determination to put his shit right. Not only for himself, but for his family and friends who he loves so dearly. You don’t have to be ex Military to stand up and fight, all you need is focus a ” reason ” worth fighting for. Ohh and access to the World Wide Web….

A quote from one of all time favourite films, and the greatest man never to have lived – Rocky Balboa

” If I can change, then you can change, then everyone can change “

The will to fight has to start from somewhere though.

If you yourself have Diabetes Type 2, or know of someone you love with Diabetes Type 2 and you’re reading this, then please share it with them. To help light that ember that lies within their soul…

We all have it within us to change….


If you’ve been inspired by Ray’s determination and strength to change, then please could you help share this Blog. It would help on three fronts:

1 – Diabetes Type 2 reversal is more than achievable.

2 – Never to late to change your lifestyle for the better ( Ray is proof of that ).

3 – Help me make Ray’s bucket list wish come true! So that someone can help make this auld amazing Para have one last ” jump “

AC/DC: Thunder Thunder Thunder

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