Keto Diet and Keto Performance…


My journey so far with my Keto Diet, Keto Performance and Keto Creatine. I first heard of Keto Supplements through a Keto Sponsored athlete I know, and a man I personally respect! I have saw some of the achievements he has done the past two years in events. So he knows his onions.

I asked his opinion on what I should do next, as I looked to go back to training and events after a lengthy time off?! He suggested I start the Keto Diet to get my body used to having less carbs, before I even contemplated using any Supplements. So armed with this new knowledge I started my Keto Diet before any training started.

Happy to say I lost a stone in weight within a month just going by the diet. I may add it was easier than I thought to stick to it, I only needed a little will power! So after a month of being on the diet I ordered my Keto Performance, Keto Creatine and Fatt Bar ( snack bar ).

Now I have only done BSX Hellfire as a supplement about 5yrs ago, so wasn’t sure what to expect in truth. I thought Hellfire was good to be honest, though it was hefty with the price compared to others on the market. So I was interested to know how Keto would hold up against it. Now I have done some research of my own into Keto the pros & cons, I would be naive if I didn’t. Keto are at the high end of the Supplements product market…

After reading reviews stating this this and this about what it does and doesn’t do for you. I admit I was a little optimistic if truth be told, but putting that aside I always believe in you get what you pay for. As my dear old mum used to say – son you pay peanuts you get monkeys! Now that saying is one I often refer to when purchasing some products! Like my butcher meat I won’t go to a lesser butcher to save a few quid, I’m not rich far from it but I do believe in quality!

So does it work? I’m into my 3rd of week of using Keto Performance and Keto Creatinine Monohydrate, while sticking to the Keto Diet basics. Doing endurance training ( Tabbing ) running with weight, endurance strength training, and specific weight training designed by the PT at FitnessMomentum45 – Venessa Moffat ( Ness ).

Yes it works as I have improved on all fronts! My gym sessions never used to be anywhere near that amount of reps or weight period. My last Tab time was of the same distance and time as that of my first Tab time using the Keto Performance. So how does that work you say? Easy I was a full 9.072 kg heavier in my Day-sack, yet I could’ve continued for longer too! That was a week after a recurring back injury also.

As having done endurance events from running marathons, tabbing marathons, ultra marathons I never would’ve thought it possible! I had always loaded up with carbs for most endurance events, so I am surprised at how well the Keto Diet & Keto Performance work together as one. The big test will be my first event of the year in May at the Paras10 in Colchester. If I get under the 1:50:00 pass time on a Keto Diet and Keto Performance then that’s the final proof I need…

I have also contacted Ness just to reaffirm my findings! Ness gets all my times weights and rep records after every session. Ness has confirmed I am getting fitter also during the 3 wks of training, so it confirms my findings too.

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