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Well it’s Mother’s Day and I have completed my mornings tab in preparation for the Paras10 in May. When I started getting back into fitness for the betterment of my own mental health, I joined Instagram for some inspiration. Rogue Military Fitness appeared on my phone so I gave them a follow…

This Blog is about a 24hr Fitness Challenge set up by the Crew at RMF, also why the Challenge was born. I will be interviewing Jacko and his Team of Rogues, while also taking part in the Challenge. I was kindly invited up by Jacko as he understands what I am trying to achieve at FitnessMomentum45. Rogue Military Fitness is the brainchild of Cpl Jackson a PT Instructor with 2 CS Bn REME ( Close Support Battalion REME )

Well I best get some sleep it’s a three and half hr drive to Leuchars Camp, Lochgelly, Fife ( no chance of sleep tbh ). Bags almost packed so let’s see how the next 30 odd hrs go with very little sleep. That’s me landed at Leuchars Station at 04:10 I must get an hrs kip, I was up at 07:00 yesterday ( hand on face ) talk about making my job harder..

A Team – Cfn Whitehouse 1st from Left – Cpl Jackson ( Rogue Military Fitness ) 4th from right – myself 5th from right ( cream ) – LCpl Earnshaw 3rd from left / LCpl Russo 2nd from left ( switched Team midway through – unforeseen circumstances)…. Team B – Cfn Winskill 1st on right – Cpl Speirs 2nd from right – Cfn Knowles 3rd from right – Pre Taylor 4th from left ( withdrawal )…. Admin/Timings and massage duty was LCpl Thorne ( sporting one quality tash too ).

I introduced myself to the Group of Rogues and explained what FitnessMomentum45 was all about, promoting fitness and the benefits for mental health. I was soon made very welcome and the nerves I felt quickly dispersed. One great thing about us British is our sense of humour, at ripping the back out of each other, Military humour is on another level of funny!

Cpl ( Jacko ) Jackson started Rogue Military Fitness while on exercise in Norway October 2018. LCpl Earnshaw ( Mollie youngest member doing the Challenge at 19yr old ) started going to the early morning sessions run by Jacko, I asked what made her do them? Mollie explained to me it helps keep her fit, the second reason is the most important one for doing any activity, it’s a good routine to get into ( mind ). Routine becomes habit like making your bed. While out running in the first round of 3 Mollie told me she doesn’t like running much as an activity ( remember this )!

The first 3 rounds of the Challenge were a mind blowing, pardon my language here, it was fucking horrific! I’m no slouch at running but Jacko was away like a dog out of a trapped end. Pity his counting laps isn’t as quick as his running pace ( good admin by LCpl Thorne ) sent him out for lap 5. LCpl Russo another Jock like myself were ripping him royally straight off the bat…

The objective was to complete the following reps during rounds of 3 – each round starting on the hr every hr – 5 laps = 1 mile – 50 pull ups – 100 press ups – 150 crunches – 200 squats – 1 mile. So the quicker you finished the more rest you got, flip-side of that coin was that you’d be blowing out your arse sharpish….

While having our downtime between rounds I asked Jacko why make this Challenge up? His reply was an honest one to help raise funds for a Military Charity called Veterans Garage in Manchester. Jacko is a proud Northern lad from Salford in Greater Manchester so it makes sense. I suppose it felt like his duty to help those who help other’s during hard times. Leaving any employment after a lengthy time is stressful to say the least, from the Armed Forces it’s twice as hard believe it or not. A short video by Veterans Garage founder Jay :

Having suffered myself with my own Mental Health late last year, the pride and being a man part really hit home for me. If ever there was a reason for going that extra rep, that extra mile during the Challenge then that was why…

Our last 3 rounds started at 01:00 on the 2nd of April, bodies strewn in the massive Gym hall on mats, Team B having just completed their 3rd out of 4th lots of 3 rounds. Everyone to a man and woman was in absolute tatters, you couldn’t really sleep much as muscles would cramp up. Turning sides on the camp beds was like pouring salt on a wound. Trying to get food onboard during this was even hard, my body was rejecting it yet still trying to force myself to eat something. Calories expended during this was around the 9000 mark I have been kindly informed.

Team A – Team B did something special that April Fools Day, it was no joke that Challenge. With good people, humour and teamwork a quality polished in our Armed Forces. They stepped up and completed their objective to the letter. LCpl Earnshaw was my biggest inspiration during this, at 19 she had completed a Marathon distance of 26.4 miles ( remember not liking running ).

The quickest time by the guests involved was by the Adjutant in a very respectable 31.40 minutes.

Would I do it again?


A massive thank you to Cpl Jackson for the invite to take part in such a monumental Challenge. To all staff at CS 2nd Bn REME your support and friendliness will never be forgotten thank you.

A special shout out to LCpl Russo for taking part in and smashing the Guinness World Record Ski distance in 8hrs. Not happy with that he then took part in this 24hr Challenge – still not to be outdone he recorded the fastest round time 27.22 minutes. My utmost respects LCpl Russo. Below link for 2 CS 2nd Bn REME

Please find the link for Cpl Jackson’s Just Giving Page – any help at all would be greatly appreciated thank you.

#fitnesssmomentum45 #fitnesshacking

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