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I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this remarkable man at a 24hr WOD Style Fitness Challenge recently at Leuchars Station, his name is Lewis Russo an Ambassador for Rogue Military Fitness.

Lewis a 28 yr old vehicle mechanic by trade with REME and is from Dundee for his sins ( West Coast – East Coast banter ). Lewis is engaged and has a 7 yr old son too. He also likes his motorbikes I noticed. His other passion though is fitness and it’s what he excels at to be honest.

Lewis has aspirations of passing selection for the PTI Corps in September this year. Having become a PTI in 2017 he knows his onions, trust me I’ve witnessed his fitness levels up close to vouch that much. His recovery and strength is phenomenal for someone who looks so slight in build ( never judge a book by it’s cover ).

I asked Lewis about his training regime, sessions and so on. He trains anything from 5-6 days a week, with multiple sessions a day. With 3-4 strength specific sessions hitting the big compound movements. Couple that with conditioning training and flexibility sessions, then you get the idea of just how much he does. Though Lewis is quick to point out the importance of rest.

Lewis is no slouch when it comes to running either as I found out to my peril. I’m not slow by any stretch but boy can he shift through the gears with ease. No wonder as Lewis was the 4th fastest Male in Scotland doing the Tri Services Cross Country Championship, Army, Navy & RAF. Lewis also does some varied Tabbing as past of his aerobic training ( Tabbing is a military term used for covering ground at speed with their kit during deployment).

Lewis was part of 4 man Team that won the Balmoral Challenge Event. A nav race that covered over 30km and 3 Munro’s carrying kit in under 5 hrs, that’s impressive timings in anyone’s book. I asked Lewis if he had other activities that he does, he laughed and said yes. He has been a ski instructor since 2018 and taught over 20 people to ski so far.

Having also competed in his Battalions Ski Racing Team the last 2 years at Divisional and Corps Championships. It’s with his love for skiing and with long time friend they both attempted the Guinness World Record for downhill skiing, completing the longest distance in 8hrs on the slopes. There attempt is waiting to be confirmed by Guinness World Record Association.

Having served two tours of Afghan, Lewis has also been to Kenya, Somalia and Nepal too.

I can honestly say Lewis is a credit to what Rogue Military Fitness stands for, their motto simply being – Fitter Faster Stronger! He’s also a credit to British Armed Forces and his regiment Close Support 2nd Battalion REME.

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