Rogue Military Fitness 2

Hi again,

Rogue Military Fitness are starting to build a strong Team of Ambassadors. How many can say they’ve multiple Guinness World Record Book holders to their stable of athletes?!

Rogue Military Fitness have two to there credit, here’s the latest to be added and he’s the epitome of what they’re about. John Hunter to those who don’t know him is simply known as the “Machine”. John like Lewis Russo at Rogue has also broken World Records ( Lewis‘s attempt is still waiting to be confirmed ) , fact he’s done it three times. John had the fastest time of Tabbing a Marathon with 45lbs in a Patrol Pack in a time of 4.10.

Not one to rest on his laurels John has also been a multiple time Coal Carrying World Champion too. John trains 6 days a wk without fail unless on holiday he trims it down to 5. John fits his training in around running his own business as a Builder too.

When Rogue Military Fitness asked me if I knew of anyone who could be an Ambassador for them, well let’s just say John was the very top of that list?! His attitude fits right in with what Rogue Military Fitness are all about. His training regime of early morning runs and body weight exercises combined, keep this man ticking over at 55yrs of age.

Funny enough as I was doing this Blog for Rogue Military Fitness, John had contacted me to asking if I was up for doing the Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon? I checked the date and it was the week before my return to doing Events with Paras’10 at Colchester ( a 2 yr absence from fitness events ). I owed the man and I like his company so I agreed to take part. John was using it as a warm up to his return to Windermere Marathon.

John had only completed this Marathon in 4:06 on Sunday passed, a remarkable time after his calf muscle went after 10 miles in. That’ll teach him to run Sunderland Half Marathon with a 35lbs Daysack on the week before it.

( two legends in one photo )

Rogue Military Fitness are on Facebook and Instagram if you’re looking to get into shape I suggest checking them out.

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