Paras’10 Colchester

Intro: Tactical Advance to Battle ( TAB ) it’s a military term used for marching at speed across ground with a load. You also have YOMP ( your own marching pace ).

I’ve finally got round to doing this ( my mind has been elsewhere) jotting my thoughts down on “Colly” as it’s called. This being my first time in meeting Ness and doing an event together, and also my first time in doing Colly. Here’s my view on the event and the people who take part in them…..

My first time at Colchester it looked nice from what I saw of it from my drivers seat. This wasn’t a sight seeing tour I reminded myself making my way to the makeshift Car Park for entrants. Having arrived by 06:30 I had plenty of time to take in my surroundings as a couple of tents were all ready up.

Meeting Ness and finally being able to give the woman a huge hug was worth the drive down on it’s own. You see Ness had been Coaching me with my recovery from a hernia op back to full fitness. This was supposed to be my first event back and used as a recovery ( benchmark only ) but such was the extent of Ness’s well planned sessions I was ahead of schedule. Having taken part in the Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon the week before which wasn’t planned in my calendar at all ( a review on that to follow).

Ness had asked me if I’d be happy to TAB the course with her a couple of month beforehand. I happily agreed and said yes under the instruction that we both gave it our best shot. After registration and adding Rosie Ness’s lovely Alsatian we made our way to the Start area. It was starting to rise in temperature you could tell it was going to be a hot one!

The horn sounded as we slowly made our way through the pack going at a steady pace! Then Ness explained she’d struggle to keep that pace going for the full 10 miles. I joking went Ness we’ve only just completed the first mile, we’re just getting warmed up. We had joked that I would beast her round with a wooden spoon to get her personal best time beforehand. Trust me I had tried but Ness knew her own body and what she was capable off so we struck a deal.

So we TABBED a distance then walked a distance a bit like fartlek training in running almost. Ness had explained to me this is how she’d been training for it which had been working for her. I was taking in my surroundings in Friday Woods it would be a lovely place to go for run I said to Ness. The sun shine coming trough the tress and hitting the ground it was almost magical. Then the first water obstacle arrived the swamp first little section done second part I was on my arse like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Ness was creased with laughter I wish I had my phone to picture this she cried.

As we continued I was looking at my Garmin and giving Ness a fix on the time! It was red hot by now and more than 5 miles in we decided to have a little fun in the way of water fights. I explained to Ness don’t stress about the PB if you get it you get if it not enjoy it. Ness said she appreciated the fact I was going round with her and Rosie who was an absolute star by the way.

The Paras were really putting on a show with smoke grenades and machine gun fire to make it seem more realistic ( I can honestly say no cardboard cutouts of Jeremy Corbyn were being used ). I suppose if you’re struggling by this point it helps distract your mind from telling your body that you’re feeling it and want to bin it. I did find it rather amusing when a unit of a Para screams get a fucking move on son in a fine Scottish tone!

I laughed as I’d met him earlier and he gave me a friendly nod in appreciation. You see these guys do this day in day out as part of their training to get their wings. So when they see civis like us willing to do it they appreciate everyone’s efforts on the day. We arrived at our very last water obstacle that held us back a fair bit time wise, but it’s where I saw Ness even the score by falling in the burn!

I could see the heat was having it’s toll on Ness but she still kept going forwards. Having told me she’d been unwell for a little while her training had been affected by this. I really wanted to get Ness her PB as I had helped someone before get theirs at Catterick a few years before. Looking at my watch it wasn’t going to be that was ok as Ness wasn’t stopping. By now the heat was at it’s highest, I looked at Ness and reminded her that she was still passing younger guy’s who’d started before us…

I explained my reasoning for starting where we did in the pack at the beginning to Ness by the last mile she knew why. The mental boost it gave Ness for the remainder was evident as she was still picking other’s off in the 300 metres that made me smile. When we crossed the line Ness explained to me why this is her favourite event out of them all regardless of time!

Ness finished 10th female out of her category which was the exact same as the previous year – well done Ness.

I used to enjoy pushing myself to my limit trying to beat a specific time but mostly to beat myself. Ness reminded me there’s more to it than just time’s it’s about having fun a long the way. For that Ness it truly was a pleasure TABBING with you at Colly so thank you!

FitnessMomentum45 will be at Catterick for what will be my last event of the year. It’ll be my fourth event in my first year back after a long absence a lot of that is down too Ness and her planned sessions. So once again I thank you Ness for all you’ve done to help me not just as my PT but as a very good friend.

If like Ness myself and many other’s you’d like to test yourself at an original military themed event then you’ll find the link to Catterick below ( the Land of Nod my favourite).

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