Wolf Pack Barbell

Who are Wolf Pack Barbell and where are they from??

Furthermore how and why they’ve inspired some of my own journey recently in fitness.

So Bam how long have you been running the Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack became an official affiliated club at the start of this year. We have been competing in competition since January. Relatively a fledgling club in the scheme of things, however I have been working with a few athletes for 2 plus years in different capacities…

What made you pick the name Wolf Pack?

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far ” go with the pack ” Olympic lifting is a very specific sport. It is only you on that platform but it takes a community to get you there and ready: hence the pack…

When and where did you start your fitness journey?

I was a state level Basketball player growing up in the Philippines. Once I left and moved to Australia, I joined the Navy and enjoyed pushing myself to the limit, running, swimming and MMA. I became a CrossFit Coach and that is where I first came across Olympic Weightlifting…

How many Pack members do you have?

At the moment we have more than 20 members.

How many of the Pack compete in Competition?

We have 9 registered athletes in Weightlifting and most of the are active CrossFit competitors.

Bam what’s your goal personally in life and for that of the Wolf Pack??

My personal goal is to be the best father to my daughters, to be someone they look up to in all aspects. My goal is to help as many people as I can on their fitness journey, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Olympic Weightlifting or just fitness in general.

My long term goal for the Pack is to have a Weightlifting Academy that will teach weightlifting primarily and cover strength and conditioning. I want people to see the beauty of the sport as I do.

In addition, I am very new to this sport and to coaching and it’s a very difficult journey, but there is nothing I can’t do especially when there are people beside me that encourage and help me to do my best. I could not do it without them.

I would like to mention that Tara is my partner in this endeavour and without her none of this is possible. She helped me with the barbell club idea and helped me to make it a reality. We are overwhelmed with all the support we are getting from the weightlifting and Crossfit community and we hope that we can give back to them. 

I had come across Wolf Pack Barbell through one of my oldest & best friend‘s wife Paula Robinson.

I follow Paula on Facebook & Instagram, that’s how I’ve witnessed the great work Wolf Pack Barbell are doing. The transformation in Paula’s fitness and physique are amazing in the time scale. Don’t get me wrong Paula has to do the work that’s given her to reap the rewards.

Through Paula I have been able to see Tara and young Noah lift some crazy weights in Competitions. Tara has the Nationals coming up soon and I’m certain she will be an intimidating competitor ( you got this ).

To find the Wolf Pack Barbell links below:



The Wolf Pack den is located in Port Kennedy – Western Australia.

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