Inspiration all around… Diabetes Type 2 beat and 5 stone lost…


It’s Tuesday at 21:20 in the McKie den, yep I tend to do my Blogs when everyone is bedded ( the house is still ). I can focus on what I’m going to put down, sometimes when trying to work, be a dad and husband I can rush them a “tadge”.

I don’t want to rush this one as it’s very close to home, I’m currently doing a Blog on an amazing man, who has lost shed loads of weight, changed his eating habits and exercised to defeat Diabetes Type 2. Not a big thing to some people yeh in the scheme of thing’s, well it was ” fucking ” massive to him. Not just him but his ” family ” and friends also, I suppose that’s why he was determined to win this battle. All the more inspiring is when you find out his age, all to be revealed soon enough….

Remember little victories win Wars after all…..

So while doing this I was talking to my long suffering wife Wendy, about the Blog I was doing and reversing Diabetes Type 2. She went oh brilliant well done, it’s a good subject to cover with it being at such an epidemic now. Especially in younger people now, bad diets ( junk food ) and lack of exercise!

I genuinely felt embarrassed, as I had forgotten my remarkable wife’s journey too. You see before Wendy & me got wed she also had Diabetes Type 2, as it was being controlled by medication. Wendy was bigger before I first clapped eyes on her in a Pub in Sunderland, many many moons ago….

As our relationship got stronger so did Wendy, all in all this amazing woman lost 5 1/2 stone in weight with Weight Watchers. In the process of well and truly kicking the shite out of Diabetes Type 2. Reversed it before our Wedding in 2006….

Picture above with one of her best friends Rachel on holiday ( Wendy on the right ). This wasn’t Wendy at her biggest it was about 5 years before we even met. The picture of Wendy at her largest is somewhere between the loft & storage it’s not on digital format ( Social Media didn’t exist then ).

Wendy is now a mum to our soon to be 10yr old son wee Jake, running a successful 40yr old family business almost single handedly at times! Tomorrow I will ask her if the discipline and commitment to lose so much weight has paid off? Would her dreams of being married and a family come true, if she hadn’t I wonder!

You see ladies & gentlemen Supermen or Superwomen aren’t found in glossy magazines covers. They’re often around us daily and we forget to see it….

This picture was our Wedding Day obviously πŸ™„, two years on almost from when we first met. Now you can see the ” transformation ” from before, that’s what can happen when a woman puts her mind to a task at hand…

Almost 13 years coming up to our Anniversary, two arthritic knees the age of a 67 year old ( Wendy is 43 ). That was about 4 years back ( quality of life doesn’t come into it ) regardless of this, she walks the best she can. Since having her knee problems, Wendy found out it hard to maintain her weight as before.

Only recently Wendy lost 2 stone in weight by sheer hard will, and sticking to her diet coupled with some Static Bike exercises. Even tonight as I’ve edited the Blog for the last time, Wendy was exercising on her static bike. You know what she is still Diabetes Type 2 free….

Do I believe in Superheroes? Yes I married one….

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John Hunter – Hell Week


Welcome to FitnessMomentum45 at 22:19 on a Friday night, I’m tired after a rather exhausting day but one I have relished too. You see I got to interview one of my own personal inspirations today. Mr John Hunter aka the ” Machine ” or my own favourite Optimus Prime.

Roseberry Topping ( a little adventure)

I first heard of John after completing my first ever Event – Paras10 at Catterick in 2013. I was interested in doing the Tab the following year, so I asked who had the best time for it on their Facebook Page?! The reply I got back was John Hunter ( The Machine ) course record holder too.

When they told me the time I sprayed my coffee over the keyboard, honestly I thought that’s impossible to do that. I wasn’t unfit by any stretch but this was a scary level of fitness. So someone sent me a link to a newspaper to have a look at it. Sure enough I was right insanely fit another level.

John you see once held the Guinness Books World Record, for running a loaded full Marathon in the quickest time in 1991. Yep loaded 45lbs in a Patrol Pack completing it in 4:07:00. I was stunned at this I couldn’t get my head round it, I mean it’s an achievement to run a Marathon sub4. To be only 7mins over with 45lbs ( just under 3 stone ). So a 3 times World Record holder in all doing that.

John was also the World Coal Carrying Champion at the age of 49. Running uphill at a distance of a 1000 metres – with an 8 stone bag of coal on his shoulders. It was doing the Coal Carrying Event in his early 20’s, that John knew he had a gift for it. Hence why he’s won multiple Endurance Events during his time! Beating guys half his age too most of the time. Link below:

If you’re into running or anything fitness wise you can’t help but be inspired by this. So I upped my training for the next years Tab ( Military term for covering ground at speed in their full kit – ready for operations ). I knew that I’d never reach his course record, but it gave me the belief I’d beat the cut off time of under 1:50:00.

Luckily I met John 2yrs later at the Winter Fan Dance, Back to Back Event run by AEE – Avalanche Endurance Events. It’s at Pen Y Fan in Wales and the notorious training ground for the SAS. Yep another Tabbing Event but it’s unforgiving on the weak willed. John flew past me on the Roman Road on the return. Finished 3rd that year I think for his Category. John is also a 7 times winner of the Fan Dance Race too.

I had a great laugh and chat after with John and one other Rob Paine, Rob winning it that year I think if memory serves me correctly. Never a dull moment in the company of those two – two great friends both of them. Once that horn goes they’re fierce competitors don’t be fooled in that.

I asked John while on our way up to the Trig Point at Roseberry Topping, what’s your secret to success at Events? His reply was a simple I train 6 days a wk, unless on holiday abroad with his wife! Still goes out training on holiday too just not as much. In his fine Scarborough tone he goes Billy if you want it bad, you have to put the hours in period.

So here is a man who’s been in the Building game most his days, it’s a hard living and very unforgiving too. He runs his own business doing building work, yet trains 6 days a week. He’s out of the house for 5:00 am each morning with his trusty kettlebells, doing a 1000 metres farmers walk and doing 30 press ups every second lamppost. That’s naughty!! John hardly ever drinks either a cheeky Sambuca or Port.

” it’s not the beauty of the building you should look at, it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time “

I asked John do you think you’ve got the recognition you deserve, for what you’ve achieved over the years, his simple reply was yes ( I disagree though ). Hell Week the hit SAS selection test programme shown in 2016. John was selected for it as his Load Carrying and Tabbing wins said it all.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Tabbed Kielder Marathon & Fort William Marathon with John ( all his fault too ). Hand on heart the two hardest things I’ve ever done Event wise! Yet the most rewarding as we share a unique bond, John goes not many people can do what we’ve done. To earn his respect and have his friendship means the world to me.

At Kielder Marathon 2016: 25yrs anniversary from when he entered the GWBOR, I was his PA that day ( private joke ).


We discussed Footballers today at the end of our 7 mile Tab. I told John straight I love watching my football, but I said how can an ordinary person relate with a modern footballer? An average one is easy on 40 grand a wk, yet they aren’t inspiring as athletes! They’ve the best of nutrition the best physios and support teams, yet some will bitch & moan about doing training ( not all granted ). An average footballer will run 5 miles per game 6 tops.

Here’s these guys and women I know, who do these Endurance Events all over the UK. Who train 5-6 times a wk for the love it not for the fame or glory either. I find it sad that most ordinary people will never even have heard of them.

One can only be inspired and motivated by these athletes like Jasmine Paris a Vet from Edinburgh, who destroyed the course record for the Spine Ultra just recently by 12hrs or so…

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Look in the Mirror – that’s your Competition!

Hey Everyone!

Ness here. At FitnessMometum45, we’re all about supporting ordinary people who do extra-ordinary things, and inspire and motivate others. However, we also believe that EVERYONE has this ability within them.

When you hear people say that running is 90% mental, and 10% physical, believe them.

I’d like to discuss confidence in this post, and I’d like anyone struggling to believe in their own ability to take on a challenge to read on. Or if you know of someone who needs a boost, hopefully this might help.

In my years coaching runners and PT clients, I have noticed that women in particular have less confidence in themselves than men do (not all, I might add though). In fact you may have heard of the HBR stat where men apply for jobs when they meet 60% of the criteria, whereas women will only apply if they meet 100% of the criteria.

Seriously, we need to back ourselves more! (Makes me think of Brad Pitt in Snatch “We’d been tucked up, while he’s been cleaning up.”)

Take Jasmin Paris (follow her here on Twitter) as a recent positive example of why we need to back ourselves more. She recently won one of the hardest endurance races in the world – The Spine Race. She didn’t just win it – she smashed 12 hours off the course record, which was previously held by a man. Oh and she was expressing at the checkpoints for her 14 month old. Frigging amazing. Her achievement is what FM45 is all about, and this means that you are along for the ride too – who can you inspire??

This got me wondering about what the factors were that helped her beat so many men – what tipped the balance, apart from the (reasonably) well-known fact that women are generally pretty good at endurance events? Have a look at this article in the FT about why Women are outperforming men. Could it be things like not winging it, and actually preparing for every eventuality – right down to things like packing and re-packing bags in such a way that cold hands don’t hold you up? The running equivalent of RTFM….. The article is fairly clear that psychology plays a major role in the differences between genders, so I say that we should use this to our advantage.

Not only did Jasmin back herself to take on such a feat, but she also played to her own strengths of organisation, preparation, and mental toughness – all of these are things women have in spades. Be proud.

When it comes to fitness, our heads can be our own worst enemies. How many times have you delayed going back to the gym or back to running, or whatever your thing is, just because you’re worried that you won’t be as good as you used to be…..??

I often have to have a word with myself… “….just get out there and run, Ness!” ……glad no-one can hear me talking to myself ha ha!

My point is, that our journey is our journey, and our confidence levels should not be affected by the little devil on our shoulders, or by what others think – or more importantly by what we think they think. Trust me when I tell you, that everyone has their own stuff going on, and I doubt very much that they are thinking about other people – ie us.

They’re definitely not noticing that your tshirt doesn’t match your trainers – honestly they’re thinking about their own journey. We should be too – 100% focused on our end goal.

Here’s a handy check list for when you’re having a little argument with yourself:

  • Will it take you one step closer to your goal? – Yes
  • Does your tshirt match your trainers? – Who cares.
  • Is there someone less fit than you training harder than you? – Oh yes!
  • Will you be as fast as last time? – Every training session counts.
  • Are you going to die? – Probably not.
  • Will you regret the workout afterwards? – Never.

Channel your inner Brad Pitt – back yourself, and get out there! The only competition you have – is you.

Here’s your call to action – my challenge to you.

I would dearly love to see more women on the course at the Paras10 in May. It’s 10 miles (not 10 kilometres) and you can run or tab it depending on your fitness levels.

You can win a 10% discount off your entry fee by liking, commenting on, or sharing this post on Facebook. (The most entertaining comments will find themselves further up the list) 10 codes are up for grabs! Happy training!


Hi everybody a quick introduction into what’s going down at FM45 ( not a Radio Station ).

Who is FitnessMomentum45?

In a nutshell it’s myself Billy McKie & Venessa Moffat.

What’s it about?

It’s about getting people to change their lifestyle, and take up fitness, and eating healthier. As the age old saying goes a Healthy Body, creates a Healthy Mind, this is not a fable it’s true.

Over a series of Blogs I will be interviewing athletes I know, from doing Events over the years. Very humble people, who work hard and look after their Families, their own Businesses and so on. They train like Professionals, in their pursuit to be better versions of themselves.

These athletes don’t get the credit and support they deserve, as they’re not mainstream athletes. Yet they inspire & motivate others around them. We’re simply being a voice for them, not just athletes though.

I will be interviewing Personal Trainers, who’re athletes themselves too. Event Companies & Gyms also. You will also find Training Tip Videos – Links to Personnel Trainers – Gyms – Events – Diets – Supplements – Sports Apparel – Competitions.

Who are we both?

I’m 45yrs of age Scottish, and live near Durham NE England. I’ve completed numerous endurance events, over a 3yr period. Luckily meeting a lot of the people, who’ve inspired myself & others during that time. I’m currently recovering from a Groin Hernia Op at present.

After my recovery period is up Venessa Moffat Personnel Trainer, and owner of Agile Momentum. Will be giving me a routine to regain full fitness, also pushing me to my limits after that. I’ve signed up for Paras10 Colchester & Catterick this year to start link :

Venessa Moffat has also completed numerous endurance events, ‘Tri Athlons’ & Ultra Marathons. There will be a more in-depth interview with Venessa, to follow in good time. Talking about her own personal goals, her love for fitness and so on.

The reaction from everyone I’ve asked to help create this, has been nothing short if staggering & humbling.

My first interview will be with a man or machine, as he’s fondly known. Mr John Hunter ( Hell Week ). The fame has never gone to his head once πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Before Kielder Marathon 2016 Tabbing with 40 & 45lbs respectively. Also one other present on this day with 50lbs – he’s not in the picture because he’s a Ghost ( private joke ).

I never started Fitness until I was 30 years of age – overweight – heavy smoker – heavy drinker – mental health issues. The first step isn’t as hard as you think, your mind tells your body not the other way about. Two Marathons in 7 days Loch Ness & Kielder Marathon 2015, both Sub 4 are proof of that.

Thank you for the support everyone, let’s enjoy this new journey together πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŽ’πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #fitnessmomentum45 #fm45 #firststep #fitnesshacking

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Thank you for your time x